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Tablet Repairs Melbourne

Get Your iPad/Phablet/E-Reader Fix for All Types of Basic & Complex Faults at Genuine Prices!

Tablets offer much more flexibility and convenience than a phone does.From carrying photographs, browsing, reading books, watching movies, connecting with clients/friends, creating presentations to enjoying games, there is nothing that a tablet cannot do. Hence, it has become an integral part of life.

If your tablet runs slow or stops working, contact “Computer Repair Onsite” also known as CROS, a specialist in repairing all tablets of any brand in Melbourne.

Tablet Repair Services Malvern East

Our Broad Range of Tablet Repair Services in Melbourne

tablet repairs Malvern East ,Melbourne  

We offer professional and on-time services to ensure that your tablet repairs without any hassles. Our team of certified experts uses all the latest tools and equipment required to fix tablets and Pcs.

Master in Repairing Tablets of All Major Brands

  • iPads (Air/Pro)
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Amazon FireAmazon Fire
  • Lenovo

Screen and Glass Repairs

The best way to fix the cracked screen without putting your tablet at risk is to bring it to a professional repairing center. Often the cracked screen doesn’t affect the tablet’s key functions, but ignorance can cause backlight malfunction, discoloration, or dead spots over time

tablet repairs Malvern East, Melbourne  

Water Damage

Gadgets are sensitive to water. If your tablet has come in the contact of
water, it needs professional support. Sometimes, damage from water is
not so deep. It gives hope of getting the gadget back at work.

Replacing Batteries

No matter whatever the brand of the tablet, we can replace batteries.You may need battery replacement when

  • Charging to 100% and shortly after the battery dies
  • Noticing fluctuation of the battery percentage
  • Bulging in the back because of expanding battery
  • Tablet is not turning on or turning on after plugin

Data Recovery & Transfer

Need help to transfer your music, photographs, videos and documents
to a new hard drive? CROS is the address to show your trust. We also
perform data recovery for hard drives.

Software & Virus Solutions

Get end to end support for keeping your iPad or tablet free from viruses.Our technical team is well aware of the latest anti-virus and spyware programs along with other software to provide the best support. Contact us if you are looking to install programs or if a program gets slow.


Charging Ports

When it comes to replacing the charging port, confirm the model name and number of the tablet to get the right port to protect it. Remove the screws from the back of the tablet to look for the charging port. We can take the responsibility of replacing the charging port of your tablet successfully.

Repairing of Logic Boards & Internal Components

We aim to perform advanced repairing of tablets. We are expert at fixing damaged motherboards by using micro soldering technology.Without the knowledge of technology, the internal components of the tablet cannot be fixed.


Why Choose Us?

  • Having a team of certified and well-experienced engineers who diagnose and treat the problems with care
  • Providing services on-site or at our center considering the condition of the tablet (for example- software issues can be fixed remotely, whereas hard drive problems need on-site solution)
  • Capable of fixing most problems with a single visit
  • Flexible to offer services to all including individuals and businesses
  • You will pay what you get (services at affordable prices)

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